USSN Domains is a domain concierge service for US Server Net, LLC members and subscribers.

webmail3USSN Private Webmail is the alternative to free mail services that target you with data mining techniques to track every message you send and receive, and target advertising based on the content of your messages. We believe this practice is intrusive, and offer an affordable alternative! With White-Label Webmail, your personal information and communications are never tracked, used, or sold. Feel comfortable sending private messages to family and friends, knowing no one except you and your recipients will ever read them.

With more than 18 years providing Internet services, in March 2015 US Server Net became a Cooperative. USSN workers, joined by a group of graphic designers, content developers and business owners, assumed operations, and migrated former client sites to state-of-the-art Cooperative Hosting.

USSN Domains service is limited to registering and administering ICANN approved domains for members and subscribers of USSN hosting, listing the subscriber as Registrant (owner) and serving as Administrative, Technical and Billing Contacts.

All web services provided in conjunction with domain registration are supplied by US Server Net, LLC Cooperative.

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